How Remodelors Live During their Private Hours

An article came out today in our local Portland, Oregon newspaper about us, our company, and our home we remodeled for ourselves. Read the article here – Renovation experts tear down, redo a ranch into home of their dreams.

We had the opportunity to invite the readers into our newly remodeled home and get a “peek” into how we live. Being Remodelor’s/Designer’s for the last 25 years +, many people are curious about “our” style and what our home might look like!

As a designer, I appreciate all styles, and work with each of my clients as individuals & unique projects. The importance of any style is the balance of it’s components. If you have the right recipe of color, texture, balance, weight & pattern – any style goes!

The quote from Fred Astaire says it all: ”Do it right and do it with style”

For us, our environment is inviting, comfortable & relaxing, and easy to maintain. I like to keep the framework of the house neutral, then add color/accents with accessories & fabrics. That way I can easily change things up a bit in a few years when I tire of a particular pattern or color.

We hope that you will enjoy the article about our home & business. We certainly enjoyed working with the author, Bridget Otto and the Oregonian staff. Lily really enjoyed the day and being beside the photographer, Motoya Nakamura.

The foyer. We worked hard to make this space inviting.

The back hallway. We added mirrors to the closet door panels to make the space feel larger.


Our dog Lily roaming through the house.















Posted on May 25, 2013 at 4:00 pm

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