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Hello – it’s me again! I thought I would write about colors – and the ones that I LOVE to live with.

In my own home I value a relaxed atmosphere. I like environments that are livable and approachable; relaxed with an easy style.

I’ve posted some of my “favorite finds” that have spaces I enjoy –

Suzanna-Kasler-in-VerandaThe room to the left has a nice feel to it. It’s clean and understated with a soft monochromatic color scheme. The “pops” of colors are easy to change out for a completely different look. If your ceilings are high enough (as in this photo) I love the two-color drapery panels.

Decorating with neutral colors offer a multitude of ways to add personality to your rooms, proving that neutral décor is anything but dull.


Learn how to use furniture, accessories, and design principals (as in the photo to the right) to achieve a gorgeous look using neutral colors, whether you’re decorating your bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom or kitchen.

This kitchen in the photo below is so inviting but also sleek. I like the tone on tone white colors – then splashes of bold yellows and greens in the accessories.

26. Aerin Lauder Kitchen Elle Decor

Grey (as in the photo below) has become the new neutral. It really has become the connector, and helps to create a tranquil and sophisticated space.


Soft hues, such as beige, khaki, and rain-cloud grey, create a calming atmosphere, while the contrast of a black-and-white color scheme (as in the photo to the bottom right) introduces some drama and flair! Contrast is the key when decorating with neutrals.


Use contrasting textures, fabrics, and shapes to keep a room dynamic. Introduce small pops of color in artwork and accessories. Vary the shades of a similar color throughout a room, and use pattern to keep the eye moving throughout the space. Adding the right lighting will give dimension to the neutral hues in your room.

Whatever color you choose to decorate with – remember that it’s the small details which will impact your daily life. Eating in front of a beautiful window, sipping wine, or enjoying the way you set the table – are my small luxuries. I think it was Billy Baldwin who said, “Decorating is never successful unless it’s personal.”

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