Our Annual Trend Report on Remodeling & Decorating 2016

As we begin 2016, it’s always fun to report what we see trending in our industry of design and remodeling. Sometimes we have seen these trends evolving over the last few years, but now they are prominent in the forefront of magazines, internet, and photography. It’s fun to incorporate some of the new trends each year, but more importantly, I always encourage my clients to fill their home with what they love, then it will always be truly personal and beautiful!


Kitchen Trends.  We are seeing the use of fewer upper cabinets in the overall design. This is a great look because it gives the room a more open feel, but is accomplished only if you have a large enough space to accommodate your belongings in the lower cabinets.   The upper cabinets are being replaced with either a wall of tile which reaches upward to the ceiling line, and/or open shelving. I love how this look breaks up some of the massing in the space and lightens the architecture.  Kitchens now will eschew the perfect, polished look for a more eclectic vibe.  Things like rustic woods, a vibrant tile backsplash, a vintage inspired rug and shiny white countertops, is a perfect example.  The variety of opposing styles will create a truly personalized space.

kitchen fewer cabinets

Bespoke Draperies.  Love custom draperies!  They complete a room, add height, create visual interest, and add another layer of texture.  Kathryn Ireland once quoted:  “A room without draperies is like a man in a suit without shoes on!”


Outdoor Fabrics Used Indoors.  This is a great trend and one I’ve experienced to be a very valuable one.  As I change up my throw pillows quite a bit, not only for looks but because of wear and tear – I have found that by using the outdoor fabrics they hold up much better!  Outdoor fabrics are now becoming harder to distinguish from the traditional indoor fabrics.  Their durability makes them perfect for high-traffic living room and dining room furniture.  They are ideal for households with pets and children. For my next project, I’m thinking of recovering my sectional in a beautiful outdoor fabric!

outdoor fabric

Antiqued/Aged Brass. I’ve seen this trend evolving since 2014.  I love to use aged brass in accents, such as lighting, picture frames, hardware, or plumbing fixtures.  The trick is to not overdo it!  Don’t go overboard with gold, but use it in small doses to bring the most impact to your space.

aged bras statement mirror

A touch of faux fur.  Just a touch! But what about recovering a stool or ottoman, a throw for your sofa, or even a pet bed?  This stuff is so fun and cozy! In addition, I don’t see animal prints going anywhere anytime soon….they are definitely here to stay!




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